Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dell Customer Service : I Hate Tools

John Bravo 1:36:56 PM} UPS LOST MY ORDER! What do I do? {John Bravo 1:38:14 PM} UPS LOST MY ORDER! What do I do? The session has been accepted.
{Ian 1:39:46 PM} Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Customer Care Chat. My name is Iman, but you can call me Ian. Please allow me a moment to review your question. {Ian 1:39:48 PM} Are you still online with me ? {John Bravo 1:40:43 PM} Yes. {Ian 1:40:52 PM} Hi John. {John Bravo 1:40:56 PM} Hi Ian. {John Bravo 1:41:07 PM} What do we do about my lost package? {John Bravo 1:41:13 PM} I still want my awesome. {Ian 1:41:41 PM} Please let me confirm is your issue regarding delivery inspiorn 600mc order 309003590 ? {John Bravo 1:41:53 PM} Yes. {Ian 1:44:08 PM} Your order has been shipped via UPS (United Parcel Service) on 03-24-05 via tracking number XXXXXXX. You can track your shipping status at: {Ian 1:44:09 PM} You can also call UPS at: 1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS) for your shipping status. *Please note that you may not be able to track the packages for a few days as UPS many times does not scan the packages in until they reach the final UPS station. If you do not receive them within 5 business days, please contact us again. {Ian 1:44:41 PM} I show the carrier web site showing rescheduled delivery on 04-04-05. {John Bravo 1:44:55 PM} UPS LOST MY ORDER! What do I do? {John Bravo 1:45:17 PM} Yes. I went to a UPS office and they said they have lost my package. {John Bravo 1:45:25 PM} They said Dell should reship it. {John Bravo 1:46:45 PM} It will not be shipped at all by UPS because UPS has allowed my package to be lost or stolen. {John Bravo 1:47:18 PM} This issue is not resolved Ian. {Ian 1:47:22 PM} Please give me a moment. {Ian 1:47:58 PM} John please don't worry. Dell is responsible for delivering the order at your ship to address. {Ian 1:50:40 PM} John are you online with me? {John Bravo 1:50:41 PM} What is going to be done to resolve this issue? Is UPS going to cut me a check for the cost of my laptop? Or is Dell going to build and ship a new model to me? Am I going to be compensated for the inconvenience? This is the second time Dell has failed to ship me a product on time. I ended up terminating our previous agreement due to long delays. Are we going to have a repeat of the situation? {Ian 1:51:37 PM} John I can well understand your concern. {Ian 1:52:02 PM} however you need not worry even a bit because it's Dell's responsibility to deliver the order at your home. {John Bravo 1:54:42 PM} Do I have an ETA? I am giong on vacation Saturday. If it isn't here Friday, I will not be at my home to receive it, nor will any of my household members be. {Ian 1:54:58 PM} I show the rescheduled delivery date on the 04-04-05 so I will request you to wait another -2-3 business days {Ian 1:55:12 PM} we will issue a replacement John. {John Bravo 1:55:20 PM} Thank you. Bye. The visitor has ended the chat session.
{Ian 1:56:29 PM} Thank you for visiting Dell Consumer Customer Care online chat and allowing me the opportunity to assist you. I have included your case number XXXXXX to reference our interaction today. Please keep this on file; it will assist you when contacting Dell Inc in the future. Also, feel free to visit us again at .

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