Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Coheed and Cambria Character List

Mariah Antillarea
Type: Mage
Bio: Believed to be conceived through immaculate conception and raised with monks. She has the ability to miraculously heal people. She uses her powers for the greater good and is widely believed to be God's messenger.

Cambria Kilgannon:
Type: IRO - Bot
Cambria's mother died while giving birth to her. She had a deadbeat dad who sent her to live with several different relatives on many different planets. As she moved, she learned the customs and languages of the planets she lived on. She is married to Coheed Kilgannon and has 4 children.

Type: IRO-Bot
Longcindia is the IRO-Bot referenced with the lines "we have no room for malfunctions" in "Three Evils (Emobied in Love and Shadow)". Evidently, Longcindia was defective and destroyed.

Type: Prise
Paranoia is one of the Guardians of the Keywork.

Writing Writer
Type: Human
Bio: The Writing Writer is a man who is writing a story that parallels the events in his life. He has personified himself in his story as Claudio, Coheed and Cambria’s son and their lives are connected. He was in love with his Girlfriend Erica Court, but due to his neglect of her she cheated on him. A 10 speed bicycle represents his sub conscience. He is eventually transported in his own story. The Writing Writer is also “God”.

10 Speed
Type: Bicycle
Bio: The 10 Speed is literally a 10 Speed Bicycle that represents the Writing Writer’s Sub Conscience. He eventually convinces the Writing Writer to kill off Erica Court.

Wilhelm Ryan
Race: Mage
Bio: Wilhelm Ryan is the Supreme Tri-Mage and rules the Universe with an iron fist. Though he has managed to establish order, his sovereignty is still threatened by Dr. Hohenberger’s IRO-Bots and The Prise. His right hand man is General Mayo Detinwolf. In an attempt to end the threat posed by the IRO-Bots he engineered the assassination of Coheed and Cambria and their children Maria, Mathew, and Josephine.

Gen. Mayo Deftinwolf
Type: Cyborg
Bio: A scientifically engineered warrior. Mayo Detinwolf serves as General of Wilhelm Ryan's army.

Claudio Kilganon
Type: IRO-Bot
Bio: Claudio is the only Kilganon child to survive the night when Coheed decides to kill all his children because he disregards his curfew and stays out late with his girlfriend Newo. He is seen by Wilhelm Ryan as critical threat to his empire, and must be destroyed. He also finds out that he is “The Crowing”. Informed by Jesse that his parents are dead. He is linked to the Writing Writer’s life in reality.

Grail Arbor
Type: Space Ship
Bio: The ship used to assault the City of Kalline on Omega.

Type: Planet
Bio: The planet where Kalline is located.

Matthew Kilgannon
Type: Human
Bio: Son of Coheed and Cambria. He is killed by his father Coheed.

Maria Kilgannon
Type: Human
Bio: Daughter of Coheed and Cambria, she is killed by her father alongside her brother Matthew.

Bult-Team E
Type: Militant group
Bio: Team that disabled the ATB Generator that defended Kalline.

Red Army
Type: Militant group.
Bio: Group of soldiers under the command of a Colonel under Gen. Mayo Detinwolf’s command. They head the defense of Kalline.

Type: City
Bio: A city on the planet Omega.

Type: Unknown
Bio: Crewman on the Grail Arbor.

Grail Arbor
Type: Space Ship
Bio: Jesse’s ship, one of two used to attempt a landing on the Surface of Omega in the City of Kalline.

Type: Dog
Bio: Newo’s dog.

Newo Ikkin
Type: Human
Bio: Newo Ikkin is an outgoing and very friendly high school student. Many see her as a spoiled brat. She is Claudio's girlfriend.

Eyes of Madness
Type: Metaphor
Bio: Probably referring to the eyes that appear on the windows and door of the Kilgannon house when the Writing Writer is confronted by 10 Speed.

Type: Space Ship
Bio: This ship is the second of two ships used in the assault on Kalline. It used its tractor beams to guide the Grail Arbor to the surface of Omega.

Type: Prise
Bio: Ambellina is a Prise, a fairy like creature who is blue and has wings. Her wings were removed, and now she has stubs. She personifies Erica Court.

Jesse Kilgannon
Type: IRO-Bot
Bio: Captain of the Grail Arbor and Coheed’s brother. He leads the assault on Kalline.

Dr. Hohenberger:
Type: Human
Bio: Hohenberger is instrumental in the rebellion against Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan. Paranoia tells Hohenberger to use his head and invent a weapon. The end result are the IRO-Bots including Jesse, Coheed, Cambria, and Longcindia. He is killed during the assault on Kalline.

Type: IRO-Bot
Bio: Chase is an adult that lives in the body of a small young girl, and can hear the thoughts of the Writing Writer. She was designed by Jesse.


The BlackRose said...

oh thank god i've been looking for character bio's all day long and finally i find one, ur a saint . thanx Mucho

KBI said...

I wanted to embellish on your bios:

Ambellina was a fallen prise who was sent to watch over Claudio so that he becomes the Crowing

the Writing Writer isnt actually "God." You can argue that considering it's his story that all these characters came from, but there is a God in the story.

Ten Speed didn't tell the Writer to kill off Erica Court; he told him to kill off Ambellina so that Claudio can truely emerge as the Crowing thus destroying the Keywork and Ryan's regime.

you forgot to mention coheed's bio. i wont make a contribution to that just yet. i want to see what you have to say on that behalf

also, mention the KBI (Knowledge, Beast, and Inferno) which is Cambria, Coheed, and Inferno respectively. another thing, all three of them are creations of Dr. Hohenberger but Coheed and Cambria got their minds erased when Hohenberger died. Jesse keeps his mind and knows everything that Hohenberger knew as well.

Alec said...

okay, so the story line is so like almost difficult to understand. if you guys need any clarification on the story line, go to puregrainaudio.com

Alec said...

you guys are forgetting Coheed Kilgannon.