Wednesday, June 28, 2006

United States Progressive Era Essay

The Progressives can best be described as a large mixture of various demographics. This group included women, bussinessmen, middle class and most anyone else wanting to end the corruption and injustice of a politcal system that was mostly good, but had lost its way.

To understand why they sought change, it is pertenent to know what it was that drove them. Many progressives observed the assasination of three presidents, the politcal machines that dominated politics, and the corruption that infested city, state, and national politics. They were also strongly influenced by books and media that sought to expose the dark under belly of society, such as Upton Sinclair's The Jungle that explored the horrible conditions of the meat packing industry.

Moved to action by past events and a growing progressive media, the Progressives sought reform of a government they saw as good. A cruicial accomplishment of the progressives is the establishment of specialized comissions to accomplish specific tasks. This need was highlighted by the city of Galveston's overt deficiency in administering aid to its disaster hit population.

Another reform that lasted to this day is Women's suffrage. This movement was headed by Susan B. Anthony and was organized by a femenist movement which is still very active in American politics today.

Progressives were also able to successfully abolish gross abuses of child labor as well as adult labor by establishing age and hour requirements as well as successfuly regulating working conidtions that were once deplorable.

The Progressives, as I have said had far reaching impact on American socierty, from the unification of various social groups to the establishment of new loval government order and increased government in the social lives of Americans. This movement laid the foundation of modern day liberalism.

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