Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Camper Velourium Story : Coheed and Cambria

The Camper Velourium Series Story

Song: The Camper Velourium I: Faint of Hearts

Told from the perspective of Al the Killer, this song chronicles his abduction of a girl he keeps as his prisoner on a ship called The Camper Velourium. Over the course of the song Al falls in love with this girl. Listen to the end of the song and you’ll catch Claudio Sanchez sing “So I bid to you goodnight, tonight sleep tight my gun” instead of “my love” suggesting that Al the Killer’s heart has grown “faint” and he is unable to shoot her. It is likely that the trauma has made this poor girl’s heart faint and Al’s inability to shoot her has made his heart faint as well, hence the name “Faint of Hearts”.

The Camper Velourium II: Backend of Forever

Still from of perspective of Al, the song opens with Al being awaken suddenly. He is startled to find out that the girl he held as a prisoner has escaped. Al is now very heart broken and ponders why she left him. Unfortunately for Al, he actually believed that his prisoner had fallen in love with him. He realizes the truth of their relationship at the end of the song saying “this isn’t love so forever let it go”.

The Camper Velourium III: Al the Killer

After being devastated by a bad relationship, the space pirate Al the Killer raids a colony. The girl he was in love with happens to be there and so he devotes the entire space colony to destruction, including her. (“When I kill her, I’ll have her”) He is dismayed that nobody attempted to stop him, lamenting the lack of an antagonist. (Will the killing veil love should the heroes play dumb, but killings no fun when the heroes are none”)


KBI said...

your interpretations make sense but there is one thing i noticed that is wrong. For the "Faint of Hearts", it's not named that for the fact that Al's heart and the girl's heart have grown faint, Al's shotgun is called the Faint of Hearts. the song is about his gun, not how his heart has grown faint.

Janell said...

The girl that Al kidnapped was actually Newo Ikkin which I think was Claudio's (Coheed's son) girlfriend.