Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Coheed and Cambria Story : The Crowing

The Crowing Story

The Crowing is told from Claudio’s point of view. It tells of his revelation that he is “The Crowing” and the events surrounding it. We find out that he is in live of Newo Ikkin and that Ambellina has been sent to watch over him like a guardian angel.

Blood Red Summer Storyline
This is another song that completely baffles me. The song suggests that Mariah Antillarea is thinking about how her actions will affect Jesse and Claudio. (“Even number your nephew” refers to Jesse and Claudio. “A child in keeping secrets” referring to the Secret of Silent Earth which is Mariah.) There is also a possible reference to the traitorous acts to be committed during the rescue attempt at House Atlantic. (“Will they know what I’ve done in the after?”) The title “Blood Red Summer can also refer to the blood that will be spilled on her account.

No doubt these storyline explanations will evolve as I look ever deeper into the story of Coheed and Cambria.

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