Monday, August 28, 2006

SEO Tip 4: Linking

Every good SEO campaign includes a strategy to obtain links. There are two types of links: reciprocal and one way. Reciprocal links exist when two sites link to each other. One way links occur when one site links to another and the site linked to does not link back.

Which Type Should I Focus On?
The answer is both. A good site will link to other sites. (Remember, its not called “The Web” for nothing. The internet thrives on sites interlinking, it allows people and search engines to find new content on the internet.) Linking to other sites helps search engines determine what type of content your site contains.

However, it is widely speculated that many search engines place more value on One Way Links. Why? Its kind of like people knowing your name and you not knowing theirs because you’re popular. (EX: You probably know who Snoop Dawg is, but he probably doesn’t even know you exist.) Popular sites with good content, useful programs, or fun games usually generate large amounts of One Way Links via blogs and personal websites. So, when a search engine sees that a lot of people are linking to you and you aren’t linking back, it assumes you’re popular and useful.

SEO Danger Zone:
Be careful who you link to! Linking to low quality sites such as MFA’s or Spam sites could count against you. (Linking to these sites could make you part of the spam problem.) You should also stick to linking to sites that are related to your particular subject. (Linking to sites willy nilly can also get you penalized.)

That’s it for links, hope you can catch my next quick SEO tip.

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