Monday, September 04, 2006

A Favor House Atlantic Story / Interpretation

There are two songs I’ve wanted to write the storyline to, Welcome Home and A Favor House Atlantic. At last, I’ve finally reached A Favor House Atlantic.

A Favor House Atlantic tells the story of the daring rescue attempt alluded to in “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: III.” The man who said “Deliver a Favor to My Love” is about to make good on his promise and rescue Mariah Antillarea. He sneaks into the heavily guarded prison and headquarters of Wilhelm Ryan, House Atlantic; hence the title “A Favor House Atlantic”.

In this song he finds her and they begin to reminisce the time when she was captured and realizes that this experience is traumatic for her and quickly changes the subject to escape. As they make their way for the exit a sniper inflicts a minor wound on one of the would be escapees causing this guy to say “good eye sniper”.

They almost make it to safety when the girl he went to save betrays them. He is caught and very angry. This is chronicled in the song “Welcome Home”. (“You choked off the surest of favors.”


Anonymous said...

sorry, but...i thik u got it all wrong.....maria is one of coheeds children, u may be right about her being "the secret" but she doesn't have anything to do with welcome home, Welcome home is about claudio kilgannon thinking about totruring miss erica court.... i read the comic

linkysysrouter said...

Not Maria, Mariah. Mariah is a different character from Maria.

Anonymous said...

yea, maria is the daughter poisoned in time consumer and mariah is the girl featured in the chorus of godsend conspiritor, both on SSTB