Monday, September 04, 2006

My Ideas of a First Encounter

I started thinking about aliens tonight; partly because I discovered Star Wars Transformers, but mostly because I always think of aliens. My closest alien encounter was when I walked outside when I was 7 or 8 and saw a bunch of bright blinking lights floating over my house and trees, humming as it floated through the sky. As I watched in horror at the impending alien invasion I found myself paralyzed and unable to move. Then, it shifted course, coming out of the trees and into the clearing. At last, it was in full view, and not an alien at all. It was the Budwiser Blimp.

Well, anyway, I was thinking about aliens tonight. I thought about what they might be like the problems they would have and the way we would meet. The assumptions I make here are based on a semester of basic astronomy and numerous sci-fi movies, mini series, and TV shows.

First Encounter
I think the most likely first encounter will be through some form of communication, possibly via radio waves or by way of yet to be discovered form of interstellar / intergalactic communication. We’ll exchange messages, at first, being cautious not to reveal too much information. (EX: Our exact level of technology, location of our planet, etc. Basically take all the precautions you would when talking to someone online.) Most importantly, exchange information. This could be anything and everything ranging from technology, history, and origins.

If after a number of years of meeting each other we decide they’re safe to meet, and have the technology to travel across vast distances, we’ll start meeting and interacting on a slightly more meaningful level.

This will definitely be continued.

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