Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Brother's Blood Machine Album

I was sick yesterday so I couldn't go get the My Brother's Blood Machine CD on the first day! So I got it today and I was stunned when I found these cards inserted in the CD package. They have lyrics on the back. What do these pictures mean? What are their significance?
It's weird he put "The Prize Fighter Inferno" which is the name of his band on the cover instead of the name of the CD which is "My Brother's Blood Machine".
Favorite Songs:
A Death in the Family
The Margretville Dance
Who Watches the Watchmen
Top Left: Hangman
Top Right: The Sun
Bottom Left: Death
Bottom Right: Justice

These Cards Are in French and read:
Top Left: Devil
Bottom Left: Strength
Bottom Right: Hermit

This is the logo on the cover of MBBM Album.


Sakura ((Meg)) said...

I love Coheed, and My Brother's BLood Machine is awesome! I can't believe how much I actually like it, though it sounds nothing like Coheed at all. Claudio's voice is amazing. I haven't been able to listen to anything else since I got it. Mmm. Thanks for the lyrics!

linkysysrouter said...

Thanks, that's a really cool Pure Volume avatar by the way.