Monday, November 06, 2006

The Prize Fighter Inferno Character List

Updated: 11/25/2006

Prize Fighter Inferno: After Jesse dies during within the time frame of From Fear through the Eyes of Madness, Jesse is resurected in the past and takes on the role of chronicler and the name "The Prize Fighter Inferno". He explains that to tell the story of the Bag Online Adventures he must first tell the story of the Blood Machine.

Blood Machine: The Blood machine is invented by the psychopathic Bleam Brothers named Long-Arm and Butchie. They believe the blood machine can release a person’s soul from its body. This is just a figment of their insanity; in reality the blood machine mutilates bodies.

Cecilia McCloud: Cecilia is molested by her father and runs away into the woods. Horrified by her family situation Cecilia decides to run away and tries to convince her boyfriend Johnny Early to run away with her. Unfortunately, Johnny doesn't go with Cecilia and she takes her twin siblings with her.

McCloud Twins: Taken with Cecilia when she runs away into the woods.

Johnny Early: Johnny is Cecilia’s love interest. Cecilia once tried to convince Johnny to run away with her after she is molested.

Bleam Brothers: The Bleam brothers are told by their mother that they have been given the job of “death” and they must harvest souls for god. During their quest to harvest souls they invent something they call “the blood machine”. The Bleam brothers believe it releases the souls. Unfortunately, this is only a figment of their hysteria; in reality the blood machine mutilates the bodies of their victims.

Butchie: One of the Bleam brothers.

Long-Arm: One of the Bleam brothers.

Mother Bleam: A deranged woman and meth user who believes god speaks to her. Claims god instructed her to tell her sons they “death”. Tells her sons that God told her she to tell her sons that they are "death" and they need to collect souls for god.
Father Bleam: Murders his wife when he catches her stealing from his meth stash. She was murdered by her husband for stealing his meth.

Father Bleam: Patriarch of the family. He killed his wife for stealing from his meth stash.


Damien Dark said...

I have a question...Is the Johnny you mentioned in the bio of Cecilia McCloud, the same Johnny from the bio of Johnny Early? Or does she just have a brother that happens to have the same first name?

Mr. Stizzly said...

I think it was just a typo, there's only one Johnny, and that's Johnny Early.

linkysysrouter said...

Sorry about that, I'll correct it.