Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Who Watches the Watchmen? Lyrics

There's a light in this shed that should help you find your way
And through this door you deserve a beating through the Machine
And little did you once know in the race for the telephone
In the dark they have watched us from here beyond the grave
To bear the marks of His work are the Watchmen of our ways
That which we feels untrue, if it's me then it isn't you
Lay down, relax, come on, how?
What you thought once was yours is ours now
Stay with me to guide this dream
Before they bury me
I'll be waiting up all night for you
In a nightmare that was made for me
In the call, of her screams should we leave and let them be
Is her life worth as much as we once wished to believe?
So is it or isn't so am I dead now here in the snow
In the foul of their play will then justice be engraved?
To bare the walk on the way to the killer and his blade

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