Saturday, December 09, 2006

Heroes Symbolism: Kali

Kali the Goddess
Kali is a Hindu god. Her name is associated with the words black, and time, some people interpret her name as meaning "black time". She is also said to guide faithful devotees through the afterlife and bestow powers on people who repeat her name.

Significance of Kali
The first scene of the "Monsters" comic opens up with Mohinder recounting a story his grandmother told him about the Hindu god Kali. Then Mohinder's father explains that there is no such thing as monsters and that he doesn't believe in the gods. However, he does believe that people are capable of extraordinary things like teleportation.

In the television series, Chandra mirrors Kali when he is credited for helping Sylar "reach his potential" or become aware powers. I would also like to note that Kali's name can mean time, and Hiro Nakamura has the ability to manipulate the time-space continuum and this probably links Hiro, Chandra, and Sylar.

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