Monday, April 10, 2006

Memorexo Origins

Age: Mid sixtiesRace: CaucasianHair: Grey, not grayEyes: BlackSuper Power: Can bend reality by forgetting thingsOne Weakness: Can bend reality by forgetting thingsFriends: Dr. Amber Lambert.Arch Enemies: Anybody who threatens truth and justiceOrigin: Most of his life he was your average government scientist who worked on weapons of the future. He comes from a long line of important intellectuals that includes 3 research scientists that developed the nuclear bomb, his uncle Randell who once served as chief environmental advisor to the White House, and Col. Lien Harper who directed psychological operations for the Air Force. He and his family is well established and respected in academia and continue to lead in scientific innovation.Everything changed when he transported a vial of Mem-124 in his suit pocket and broke it in a car accident, was electrocuted in the crash, and microwaved a burrito, ate it, and went to sleep. He woke up to find violent elements from his dream had become dangerously real. In time, he discovered his new powers and restored Earth back to normal. His cousin Lien Harper devised a clever method for him to lucid dream so he could prevent things like that from ever happening again.