Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My yet to be titled SCI - Fi story.

Dr. Hatcher worked herself into a frenzy as she poured over the bleeping screen in front of her. “It can’t be!” she thought as she tried to find the will power to resist making that long awaited call to her closest friend and colleague Rachel Burgundy. “I have to” she told herself, “this is the real thing, all I’ve ever hoped for, all I ever dreamed of, it can’t be a mistake this time!”

Jade picked up her phone and dialed Rachel, having to restart at least twice after her clumsy, quaking fingers hit the wrong buttons. As soon as her phone rang Rachel jumped up in her bed and wished for a moment she hadn’t volunteered for night shifts at the lab, relegating her to day sleeping. “Hello” she said with as much anger she could muster while maintaining a friendly voice.

“Rachel, we’ve done it! We’ve made contact.

Rachel moaned threatened “This better not be a mistake Jade, or another one of those stupid pranks those grad students talk you into.”

“No! It’s the real thing, I’ve already run several diagnostics, and the lab in Fukushima confirmed my findings. You have to get dressed right away and get down here as soon as you can. There’s no telling what will happen next!”

Monday, September 04, 2006

My Ideas of a First Encounter

I started thinking about aliens tonight; partly because I discovered Star Wars Transformers, but mostly because I always think of aliens. My closest alien encounter was when I walked outside when I was 7 or 8 and saw a bunch of bright blinking lights floating over my house and trees, humming as it floated through the sky. As I watched in horror at the impending alien invasion I found myself paralyzed and unable to move. Then, it shifted course, coming out of the trees and into the clearing. At last, it was in full view, and not an alien at all. It was the Budwiser Blimp.

Well, anyway, I was thinking about aliens tonight. I thought about what they might be like the problems they would have and the way we would meet. The assumptions I make here are based on a semester of basic astronomy and numerous sci-fi movies, mini series, and TV shows.

First Encounter
I think the most likely first encounter will be through some form of communication, possibly via radio waves or by way of yet to be discovered form of interstellar / intergalactic communication. We’ll exchange messages, at first, being cautious not to reveal too much information. (EX: Our exact level of technology, location of our planet, etc. Basically take all the precautions you would when talking to someone online.) Most importantly, exchange information. This could be anything and everything ranging from technology, history, and origins.

If after a number of years of meeting each other we decide they’re safe to meet, and have the technology to travel across vast distances, we’ll start meeting and interacting on a slightly more meaningful level.

This will definitely be continued.

A Favor House Atlantic Story / Interpretation

There are two songs I’ve wanted to write the storyline to, Welcome Home and A Favor House Atlantic. At last, I’ve finally reached A Favor House Atlantic.

A Favor House Atlantic tells the story of the daring rescue attempt alluded to in “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: III.” The man who said “Deliver a Favor to My Love” is about to make good on his promise and rescue Mariah Antillarea. He sneaks into the heavily guarded prison and headquarters of Wilhelm Ryan, House Atlantic; hence the title “A Favor House Atlantic”.

In this song he finds her and they begin to reminisce the time when she was captured and realizes that this experience is traumatic for her and quickly changes the subject to escape. As they make their way for the exit a sniper inflicts a minor wound on one of the would be escapees causing this guy to say “good eye sniper”.

They almost make it to safety when the girl he went to save betrays them. He is caught and very angry. This is chronicled in the song “Welcome Home”. (“You choked off the surest of favors.”

Star Wars Transformers ?

Its not very often I see a toy so appalling I have to blog about it. Unfortunately I happened to see not so often at the mall today, he was wearing a long trench coat and had a moustache.

Mr. Not So Often threw a Star Wars toy my way, but it wasn’t any Star Wars toy, it was a Star Wars Transformer toy!? I know, I know, you probably just spilled your can of jolt on your plastic fold up keyboard. Star Wars Transformers?! That’s like....uh…well something that seemingly doesn’t go together. But for the sake of making you read this I’ll say “or does it”?

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know. Fortunately for me I don’t have to use facts to support all my online articles. So, I’ll just pretend I bought the $35 - $40 toy today at my local Kay-B-Toy Store and say it’s a so-so game and give it low marks for taking the imagination of America away by providing sound effects and high marks for most unlikely series fusion. I give it ¾ of a golden The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Comes in multiple editions of what the heck?

Transform Chewy and Han into the famous Falcon Space Ship!
This weirdity gets 3/4 of an Ocarina of Time.
I have no idea what that means.