Saturday, September 16, 2006

Why is This News?: LonelyGirl15 vs. India Pakistan Peace Talks

Well, I guess I have a new subject I'll be blogging about. I'm calling it "Why is This News?".

I wake up every weekday morning and watch the news after I shower for work. I don't think there has been in a morning in the past 2 years where I haven't screamed in my mind "Oh my GOD!, I can't believe this is happening." After I've worked myself into a rage over world events I take to the streets and begin my commute to work. I always encounter at least 3 motorists that make me ask myself how they ever survived long enough to get a license, or at least look old to enough to have a license.

Well, I think I know why my life has come to that, its the media. The media hasn't played its role in keeping important things important, its almost as if the media has ADD. They'll give an important story like "Korea Launches Nuclear Capable Missiles" half a day worth of coverage and drop the story once the latest superstar couple pops out a kid.

Well, it’s finally reached the boiling point for me and I've decided I'm going skewer mass media outlets for their failure to educate the public on important issues right here, starting with a roasting of Yahoo! News. (Yes, that is a NoFollow link.)

This is not news, it's more like the baloney Cat Fashion Show story from Anchorman.

Notice the three highlighted headlines taken from the Yahoo! homepage. Do you honestly think this is front page news? Some obscure YouTube girl announces that her journal was scripted? I mean, c'mon! Next up, a dog confused by Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Last, but not least, we have the Gotti's view on mob style manliness.

These are not headlines, they should be silly articles posted on blogs with little or no readership like this one. Lets see what took a back seat to something tantamount to Yahoo! generating revenue by dangling a shiny rock in the eyes of the world to entertain us.

Notice the headline in red. Does anybody else wonder why news about two nuclear armed nations going back to the bargaining table isn't headline, front page news? Maybe I'm crazy.