Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Her name is RJ-40
She's running out of batteries and leaking lots of fluid
Kole said he would restore her
Work day and night to reboot his RJ-40

It wasn't always like this
Twisting ratchets and pounding til his fists bled

Kole fell in love in first grade
She told him secrets on all their play dates
"I have fat toes and a chubby face"

________Chunk of time I can't describe yet___________________

After college graduation
Kole walked up to his precious Jade
I'll protect you from anything
Even deadly secrety ninjas
Or things that won't come out in sunlight

On the night of their wedding
It seemed their fairy tale was ending
When 2 tons of drunken metal came towards them

Not quite done. I have the ending in my head and this needs a serious rewrite. It's just hard to describe a respirator and hint that Jade is conscious inside RJ-40.

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